Educational and Behavioral Consulting


Nancy Magnus Kopnick, Ph.D., B.C.B.A.

Dr. Nancy Kopnick, B.C.B.A. brings more than 25 years experience to your home or school to help you and your child progress....

Dr. Kopnick is proud to have received the BCBA Credential.  

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Teacher training

Autism, ADHD, creating social stories, sexuality and individuals with disabilities, and classroom management with special needs students are all topics Dr. Kopnick has presented to teacher-inservice workshops.  Let Dr. Kopnick work with your faculty to help create a more inclusive, warm, and productive atmosphere for students of all ages, learning styles and challenges.
Some families feel like their son or daughter may never be toilet trained, or advance from a destructive or inappropriate behavior, Dr. Kopnick helps parents and teachers create practical behavior plans to help students end destructive or counter-productive habits.  Let Dr. Kopnick work with you to develop customized schedules, social stories, and more to make family or classroom life more consistent, safe, and happier.
Dr. Kopnick has worked for both school districts and parents to help bridge the gap between school budget limitations  and  student needs,  Always with the student in mind, Dr. Kopnick helps parents prepare for their IEP and 504 meetings with strategies for building team work rather than adversarial relationships.  Let Dr. Kopnick help you accomplish a fair, just, and effective educational plan!

For 25 years, Dr. Nancy Magnus Kopnick has consulted in family homes, schools, and the community on behavioral and educational issues for children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Dr. Kopnick comes to the individual when and where the problem is:  at the dinner table, getting on the bus, doing homework, or at the grocery store.  Kopnick's areas of expertise include, autism spectrum disorders, challenging behaviors, family support, dual diagnosis, toilet training, and program evaulation.  Dr. Kopnick helps with Individual Educational Plans, teacher training, parent training, helping to keep families and schools from entering "due process," and much more!  Call Dr. Kopnick today to see if she can help you and your family or school district!

home  and schOOL behavior plans

i.e.p. and 504 plans